Note: As of version 1.00, FCAT will ONLY run on slow computers (i.e., those with 386 and sometimes 486 processors; most computers with Pentium class processors are too fast and the program will crash due to a bug in the Turbo Pascal compiler library).

Click here to download FCAT version 1.00 to your local machine. Instructions for operating FCAT can be found in the FCAT help system, accessed via <F1>. This file (FCAT_100.EXE) is a self-extracting archive containing the executable software (FCAT.EXE), 12 demonstration parameter files (FCDEMO1.FC1 - FCDEMO12.FC1), and README.TXT. To extract these files, copy this file to an empty directory (e.g., C:\FCAT), then type FCAT_100 <enter>.